Viewsonic M1 Projector

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  • Ultra-portable WVGA (854x480p) LED projector that delivers convenient entertainment in nearly any room
  • Built-in Dual harman kardon speakers deliver room-filling audio
  • Shorter throw lens project up to 100-inches from 8-feet 9-inches
  • Simple setup and control, just plug & play your presentations, videos, and pictures
  • A built-in battery provides up to 6 hours of power, and can be quickly charged via usb type c

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About the Brand

The company was initially founded as Keypoint Technology Corporation in 1987 by James Chu. In 1990 it launched the ViewSonic line of color computer monitors, and shortly afterward the company renamed itself after its brand. The ViewSonic logo features Gouldian finches, colorful birds native to Australia. In the mid-1990s, ViewSonic rose to become one of the top-rated makers of computer CRT monitors, alongside Sony, NEC, MAG Innovision, and Panasonic. ViewSonic soon displaced the rest of these companies to emerge as the largest display manufacturer from America/Japan at the turn of the millennium. In 2000, ViewSonic acquired the Nokia Display Products’ branded business. In 2002 ViewSonic announced a 3840 x 2400 WQUXGA, 22.2-inch monitor, VP2290.

In 2005, ViewSonic and Tatung won a British patent lawsuit filed against them by LG Philips in a dispute over which company created technology for rear mounting of LCDs in a mobile PC (U.K. Patent GB2346464B, titled portable computer”).

In 2007 ViewSonic launched its General Support Center (GSC) in Wuhan, China. GSC specialized in finance, customer service, sales support, supply chain management and Excel-related services and business process integration. GSC, enable ViewSonic to concentrate on their core areas while outsourcing their non-core areas of business GSC.

On July 2, 2007, the company filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission to raise up to $143.8M in an IPO on NASDAQ.

On March 5, 2008, the company filed a withdraw request with the Securities and Exchange Commission saying “terms currently obtainable in the public marketplace are not sufficiently attractive to the Registrant to warrant proceeding with the initial public offering”.

In the late 2010s, ViewSonic entered into the interactive whiteboard market with ViewBoard and myViewBoard and was named a best-selling collaboration display brand in 2018.


Screen Size 100 inch
Product Weight 0.7 kg
Model Number M1
Product Length 5.8 inch
Product Height 5 inch
Product Width/Depth 1.6 inch
Contrast Ratio 120:00:01
Batteries 1 Lithium Ion Batteries Required

Based on 27 reviews

4.2 overall

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  1. grady25

    verified customerVerified Buyer

    – It is only a 480p projector. It is pretty clear, but is definitely not going to be confused with an HD projector. Still, not bad for
    – MicroSD Capped at 32GB – I only had larger sizes laying around, because this isn’t 2010.
    – Only charging via a truly MASSIVE power adapter. The USB-C is only for data or charging another device.
    – The fast-forward feature is abysmal. It also does not keep track of your location in the movie.
    – The projector itself is a bit larger than I would like for this function.


  2. Chad

    verified customerVerified Buyer

    The product is packaged superbly with built-in Stand, Harman Kardon Speakers(two 3 Watt), concealed ports, 3D capability, built-in 4000mAH battery(good enough for one movie), USB C connectivity.
    The picture has good color and brightness, you will like it more in a dark environment. Harman Kardon speaks are loud and provide you a satisfying experience without the need of external speakers. I have watched a full movie(Avengers: Infinity War) with full brightness and decent volume, after the movie it still had some charge.


  3. Nomad

    verified customerVerified Buyer

    This is a great product. Has great speakers! Only issue I had was it kept on not recognizing when my HDMI to lightning was plugged in and my first projector did not power on but was quickly replaced. Look forward to using it more!


  4. vinny

    verified customerVerified Buyer

    I needed something small and easy to transport when doing onsite training. This works perfectly. I purchased a mini tripod just in case a table or chair was not available. Works perfectly. I especially like that I do not need my computer or power cords. I would give this 10 stars!


  5. pranay

    verified customerVerified Buyer

    I wanted to have a screen on the ceiling and be able to play video games or watch Netflix while laying down straight on bed. This was perfect for that. Viewsonic M1 is bright enough to run with some ambient light, which most pico projector fails to do, and the unique design make it easier to project on the ceiling. This should be your best bet if your needs are something similar.


  6. SunnyDayz

    verified customerVerified Buyer

    The picture quality of this projector at this price point is excellent. I’m using it on my in closed front porch that’s about 25 squared feet, on a 100 inch screen, lights on, good picture, lights off, easily 720p resolution. About the remote, if you tape a small piece of clear plastic and protrude it a inch above the sensor the remote will work 10 feet from it in any direction. Putting the sensor in a better position would have made it a 5 star projector but I love it anyway.


  7. Jamil s.

    verified customerVerified Buyer

    Just received today. When I unplug my M1 it won’t stay on??? Am I doing something wrong? It’s supposed to have 6 hour battery. I have it completely charged. I will change my review when this is fixed.

    Jamil s.

  8. chobbey87

    verified customerVerified Buyer

    Awesome projector! Works great. It is very tiny and very portable. The speakers are amazing to! The design is unique and the case it came with is continent and stylish. We hated having tvs in every room. So now we have just the projector and we will move it between rooms. We just use a wall to project it onto and it works great. We have also used it for camping trips. It needs to be realitivly dark for us to use it. (Keeps us only watching TV at night) or in a dark room with curtains.


  9. Berry

    verified customerVerified Buyer

    I was looking for a portable projector for my PowerPoint presentations since I’m in sales and on the road every week. After reading reviews for every portable projector within the AED1000 range, I settled on the ViewSonic M1. I’ve been using this little guy for a few weeks and can say that ViewSonic should be paying me a commission for all the sales I’m sending their way! I load the presentation onto a USB thumb drive, plug it into the projector and in about 30 seconds


  10. zach

    verified customerVerified Buyer

    best for teacher lectures presentation in the classroom.


  11. Brandon

    verified customerVerified Buyer

    Love the audio quality as well as the picture quality. Compatibility is great and switching between what you want to use is easy and quick.


  12. Kashup

    verified customerVerified Buyer

    I didnt like that it kept running out of battery, I guess we use it too often, great to read books on the ceiling at night while lying in bed folks! and watch movie in the bedroom sometimes! and we like taking it outside for parties for youtube clips


  13. Stephen

    verified customerVerified Buyer

    his projector is very powerful for its size. It doesn’t compete well with any external light, so using it during the daytime without shades is difficult. Overall I am very happy with my purchase however.


  14. HARRY

    verified customerVerified Buyer

    Good quality projector for the money paid. Only issue with it was the MicroSD card slot didn’t work (wouldn’t register when card was inserted). Other than that, very stable and durable projector.


  15. Wasson

    verified customerVerified Buyer

    My remote quit working after the first day. I happen to have another compatible remote though. Also this projector is not too bright, in a low light room it is very good. Why 5 Stars? I use it 8hrs per day for months… this is no toy! Used within it’s limits it is great. Of course, if you do not need a battery powered, portable projector with decent connectivity, then get something else.


  16. marc

    verified customerVerified Buyer

    I wanted to have a screen on the ceiling and be able to play video games or watch Netflix while laying down straight on bed. This was perfect for that. Viewsonic M1 is bright enough to run with some ambient light, which most pico projector fails to do, and the unique design make it easier to project on the ceiling. This should be your best bet if your needs are something similar.


  17. JD

    verified customerVerified Buyer

    The M1 fits nicely in the hand. It is a very portable size. It has a nice short throw, meaning a big screen even when close to a wall. It has a lot of automatic features. Auto on/off when the stand is opened/closed, auto image adjust as you change the projector orientation, auto input selection, etc. The speakers are one of the standout features on the M1. They have really good sound that fills the room


  18. Richard

    verified customerVerified Buyer

    For what it is and the price its definitely worth it. I’m very content with it


  19. Hill

    verified customerVerified Buyer

    We use this at our church to project a simulcast of the service to the “cry room” area in conjunction with a Miracast-compatible HDMI stick. The picture quality is really only 480p, though it will downscale higher resolutions, so if you have small text that needs to be read, this is not a projector for you. However, for video it’s perfectly serviceable. The picture brightness is decent, we don’t turn off the lights in the room and you can still see it fine


  20. Caleb

    verified customerVerified Buyer

    My initial thoughts on the packaging were mind blown, very sleek and stylish. Almost like a beats pill. Box came with a carrying pouch, cables, and remote. Out of the box, the projector was easy to use, a simple plug and play of your HDMI and you’re set. Love the versatile stand how the projector auto adjusts itself to the wall, HUGE PLUS.Picture quality is great for movies at night and will be bringing this around during camping or late night bbq’s outdoor now that summer is rolling in!


  21. VASANT

    verified customerVerified Buyer

    Works as advertised. I’m using it for both iPad and MacBook projection. I bought the Apple Lightening to HDMI adapter separately to connect the iPad. The projector came with the usb-c to usb-c cable for the MacBook. I tested both connections watching a movie on Netflix and slide shows with Photos, which I what i bought it for. The sound quality is great too, considering the size. Exactly what i hoped for with the H-K speaker setup.


  22. singh23

    verified customerVerified Buyer

    received this in perfect condition.first thing first, video quality, so okay this cute little projector is limited by its resolution.one cannot expect 720p or full hd quality with this.in this world of uhd and 4k tvs maybe you will find it a little dull but then you will have to spend more for full hd or 4k capability.


  23. Colin

    verified customerVerified Buyer

    Really blew me away. I was expecting just a dinky little projector for my kids to use in their room but man, I think I might have to reclaim this as my own.The sound on this thing is super impressive as well. Reminds me of the little circle UE bluetooth speaker I have; super solid.


  24. diane L.

    verified customerVerified Buyer

    Awesome product for traveling on business. I love the flexibility on the angles & distances I can display my presentations. Pretty solid speakers & brightness for such small projector.

    diane L.

  25. venkatesh b.

    verified customerVerified Buyer

    This is an awesome projector. I bought this for a camping trip and wasn’t sure what to expect for the price. It is super high quality though, right down to the packaging and remote control. The stand is also super sturdy, and the projector turns on automatically when you flip the stand down

    venkatesh b.

  26. Kimi

    verified customerVerified Buyer

    Good enough for camping trips. The kids were able to watch 2 animated films before going to bed. The movies were projected to about 100″ onto a bridge post. I would rate it 5 stars if not for the 32 GB Micro SD card limit.

    Good audio courtesy of Harman Kardon
    Decent battery life

    32 GB Micro SD limitation
    Does not support subtitles


  27. awad k.

    verified customerVerified Buyer

    This handy projector fills a need — when synched with my phone, videos and pictures can be projected on a wall in order that many can watch without needing to crowd around. The picture quality was clear and sharp, minimal pixilation. It set up easily enough. The only problem we had was the speed at which the video showed — slow motion, but didn’t hold that against the device, putting it down to slow wifi

    awad k.